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Automotive Clear Coat

automotive clear coat sampleOur Automotive Clear Coat products like SprayMax 2K Aerosol and SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss are perfect for paint sealing and long lasting repairs on cars, vehicles and motorcycles. The products are very fast drying, smooth flowing and are perfect for spot repairs.

When the products are applied to your vehicle it will have an attractive, glossy finish and an amazing protective coating that is highly resistant to gas, chemicals and brutal weather conditions. Most importantly, clear coat paint will keep your car or vehicle protected
from those annoying scratches and abrasions over time.

Taking care of your vehicle throught the years will be easy because our clear coat products have a very good buffability, no color tone deviation and they're suitable for low ambient temperatures. You need to know that a clear coat finish on your car is not an indistructable protectant. Your vehicle will still need to be maintained, waxed and shined so it doesn't wear, fade and deteriorate.
How do you know if you have a car or truck with a clear coat paint finish? If you own a car or truck or motorcycle, chances are that you are part of the 95% that have a clear coat paint finish applied. There are ways to test to find out if your paint has a clear coat paint finish.
What is Automotive Clear Coat? See the products below for more information. Clear coat paint is actually paint. Technically Clear Coat Paints are resin without a pigment.

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